Seekers of the Ashen Crown

The Beginning
You were a dumpster baby?
three acquaintances an Elf, a Dragonborn, and a Dwarf all meet at the local tavern to enjoy a few drinks and get to know each other. The elf, LeRoy Jenkins a dumpster baby grew up on the streets of Fallcrest. The Dwarf, Thorfin or Thor for short grew in a family of wealth but was thrown out for reasons still unknown to all. And Pecker, The Dragonborn who is very secretive about his past and very little known. They were enjoying themselves when they were approached by a man that goes by the name Old Kellar. Old Kellar buys the group a round of drinks and starts to explain that goblins in the middle of the night have be raiding the village and he needs a group of adventures to go into the goblin strong hold and take care of the problem once and for all. The three look at each other and agree to help him out. Old Kellar offers them gold pieces when they return and tells them the whereabouts of the goblin stronghold. The group goes in Kicking ass and taken names but struggle to work together as a team. Although they struggle they manage to clear the out the first few rooms of the goblin strong hold, but when they enter the final room of the goblin strong hold they find a gray wolf staring them in the face. A long battle ensues and Thor comes really close to death but manages to fight off death and the group kills the gray wolf.

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